AVALON Ai Courseware One Size Fits All Bundles.

AVALON Ai Courseware One Size Fits All Bundles.

Here are all of our One Price Fits All Bundles:

1. A 30-Day AI Virtual Assistant Course. Covers your orientation, training course selection, and your Ai tool for the class. It will cost 1 unit (99.00)

2. 1 (4) Page digital magazine Lead Magnet issue. Our Ai Hot Prompts are produced by us, and you can buy the rights to put your name on it for 1 unit. ($99.00).

3. The upgrade would be a private branded version where you control the contents, and earn 75% of the ads you sell into the magazine, and 50% if we sell an ad into your branded version. That requires that you purchase 2 units. ($198.00)

That formula also carries over into the following services:
Ai Music
Video Script.
Ai Image Bundle (10) Images designed with copyright preparation.
Ai Film (25-second) 1 unit ($99.00)
VR Store for Art, Products, or Services.
eBooks-Up to 20-50 pages 1 unit.
Ai Song (1 unit) JIngle 60 seconds.
We teach you to level up your freelancer career, or as an artist or author, push out a new ebook, art piece, or even music.
Coming soon
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