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    Learn to Earn From AI.

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  • Learn to Earn from AI.

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    Learn How to Become an AIVA,

    or Hire One of Our Students.

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    Here are your top career paths



    1. Be the Tech-Geek:


    You learn how to use all of the tools to become a professional AI Virtual Assistant. You can do it all.


    2. Be the Customer Service Tech-Geek:


    When clients need something you get the call to help them sort out what it is that they need, and you are their guide to the right solutions provider.


    3. Be the Sales Tech-Geek:


    You will learn what the AI tools do and become highly skilled at explaining, and promoting the institute.


    4. Be the Referral Tech-Geek:


    Just hand out the brochures, blog about the opportunity, and simply refer others who might need this kind of opportunity.


    The Hottest in Demand AI Content Marketing Services,

    and Skills You will Learn at Avalon AI Institute.

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    Learn which AI tools you use for what business service.


    From images to audio, video to voice-overs, ebooks, lead magnets, and more.


    This also includes Prompt engineering, the central key to getting AI to give you the results needed.

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    AI Virtual

    Assistant Training

    Learn how to take on clients, learn what they need, how to price your services, and what services are in demand.


    Outsource it to other team members, or do it yourself, the choice is yours.

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    AI Consulting

    and Freelance Development

    Get the advanced training to take on the higher ticket services for clients who have more technology needs than others.


    From production creation to e-commerce delivery, and more, you can learn it here.

  • Enroll Today!

    Please Check out our training programs.

    AVALON Ai Courseware One Size Fits All Bundles.

    AVALON Ai Courseware One Size Fits All Bundles.

    Here are all of our One Price Fits All Bundles:

    1. A 30-Day AI Virtual Assistant Course. Covers your orientation, training course selection, and your Ai tool for the class. It will cost 1 unit (99.00)

    2. 1 (4) Page digital magazine Lead Magnet issue. Our Ai Hot Prompts are produced by us, and you can buy the rights to put your name on it for 1 unit. ($99.00).

    3. The upgrade would be a private branded version where you control the contents, and earn 75% of the ads you sell into the magazine, and 50% if we sell an ad into your branded version. That requires that you purchase 2 units. ($198.00)

    That formula also carries over into the following services:
    Ai Music
    Video Script.
    Ai Image Bundle (10) Images designed with copyright preparation.
    Ai Film (25-second) 1 unit ($99.00)
    VR Store for Art, Products, or Services.
    eBooks-Up to 20-50 pages 1 unit.
    Ai Song (1 unit) JIngle 60 seconds.
    We teach you to level up your freelancer career, or as an artist or author, push out a new ebook, art piece, or even music.
    Coming soon
  • What is Your Opportunity with AI?

    Unleash the Power of AI:

    Elevate Your Business

    and Impact Lives.


    Discover the transformative journey that awaits you at AVALON AI INSTITUTE.


    Our continuously updated courseware, cutting-edge software, and personalized agency training offer excellent learning while you earn experience.


    It's an opportunity to forge meaningful connections and unlock the boundless potential of AI technology for this highly in-demand niche.


    Picture this:

    Engage in vibrant virtual networking events, immersing yourself in a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for AI, agency growth, and business innovation.


    Gain exclusive access to our cloud-based digital publishing tools, revolutionizing the way you create, distribute, and captivate your audience.


    Harness the power of AI business skills, and witness your organization soar to new heights with unparalleled efficiency and success.


    But here's the best part:

    You don't have to face

    the transformative

    journey alone.


    At AVALON AI INSTITUTE, we understand that investing in your education may seem daunting.


    That's why we're dedicated to helping you find sponsors who believe in your potential for our advanced courseware.


    We will work tirelessly to persuade sponsors to provide you with an educational sponsorship grant that you need to thrive as an AI Virtual Assistant. This simultaneously is equipping you with an invaluable skill set that is indispensable in today's world, and a leap forward at AI speeds.


    What sets us apart:

    Our unwavering commitment to your success and the growth of your sponsor's business is part of the reason our formula for a Learn as You Earn program is a successful one. It grows a career and advances an enterprise. A huge win, win, for them, and for the community development organization we support, the Harrison House.


    We design your training program to align perfectly with your unique needs and aspirations. It is customizable to your current talents. Getting to know us will help you see how we can help you become an AI Virtual Assistant.


    By embracing AI technology and leveraging our advanced AI advertising solutions, your sponsor will witness their business potential flourish like never before. They save money, gain advantages, and provide AVALON AI INSTITUTE a real opportunity for teaching how to earn from our AI program.


    Here's the exciting part:


    You'll earn while you learn, immersing yourself in the very services your sponsor requires, and gaining hands-on experience that propels your growth in tandem with theirs. But it doesn't stop there.


    At AVALON AI INSTITUTE, we believe in making a lasting impact on the communities, we call home.


    AVALON AI INSTITUTE is headquartered in vibrant Las Vegas, NV, we have proudly joined forces with The Harrison House, championing community development initiatives on the dynamic Westside.


    Your journey with us contributes to this greater cause, as portions of our proceeds go directly towards

    providing essential resources that foster growth and empowerment in the community.


    Are you ready to embark on your path to success?


    Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to acquire the hottest trending technology skill set that every business needs today.


    Book an admissions call with us:

    Let us unveil how AVALON AI INSTITUTE can transform your future, while together, we change lives and shape a brighter tomorrow.


    Courseware, Software, and AI VA Agency Training:


    Enjoy Virtual Networking Events, Access Cloud-based Digital

    publishing Tools, Leveraging AI Business Skills, and Growing by using AI.


    How to Attend



    You will need a sponsor to cover the cost of your training. We help you find them, and share them with them by giving you an education in using AI to help your business, you learn an invaluable skill for modern times.


    We create your training around what your sponsor needs to grow their business. The business gets the use

    AI technology and our AI advertising solutions to grow their business.


    You earn while

    you learn by training on

    the services they need.




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    You Will Learn How to Build Your Brands, Fans, and

    Lemonade Stands.


    A Private Social Network to Grow Your Tribe.

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    You Will Learn How to Find Your Funding, Creative Financiaing,

    and How to Launch

    Fundraising Events.

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    T HE ARC



    You Will Launch Your Digital  StartUps &

    Incubate Your

    Eco-Systems Research.

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    You Will Access Your Digital Publshing SaaS


    and Soltuions

    to Build Your Business.

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    You Will Learn How to Create and Produce Live Media Services

    for ROKU, Podcast,

    YouTube, and

    Apple TV.

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    You Will Learn How to Turn AI Art into NFTs, Produce Videos with AI tools, Showcase Your Creations in a Metaverse, and

    Sell Your Work in Our VR Tours Galleria.

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    You Will Learn How to Provide Professinal AI Service to Businesses, Artist, and Organizations.

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    You Will Learn How to Provide VR Tours to Your Businesses, Event Arena, Art Gallery, Real Estate, Live Event, and Organizations.

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    The Alternative Sport Streaming Network. Go where the action is and be a part of this AI streaming network.

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    What's next for the film industry is how Ai Films will cross pollenate with Tradational films.


    From amazing new F/X to new actors, charactors, and storylines form all new storytellers.

  • Meet the Co-Founders

    Visionary, Focused, Committed, and Purpose Driven. We're Bringing Hope, and Foundation to the Future.

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